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The OC Slotted Mic

Orange County’s Best Standup Comedy Open Mic Nights

Get on stage and perform tonight at The OC Slotted Mic.

“What’s a slotted mic?” you ask.

A “slotted” open mic is a show where comedians signup online for pre-reserved slots on an open mic standup comedy show.

The performers pay $5 for 5 minutes of stage time and for the convenience of knowing not only that they’ll actually get to go up on the show (without getting bumped for time) but also that they’ll be up on stage and back home or on their way to their next show in just one hour.

We’ve all heard horror stories of comedans who have waited over two or three hours to go up at other comedy open mic nights only to be put on stage dead last and in front of a completely empty room.

The slotted mic format guarantees that you and all of your fellow performers will get up on stage (in front of actual people) all in a one hour time slot.

Our slotted open mics take place all through the week at the Secret Karate Headquarters comedy stage in Huntington Beach.

You can signup and register for performance slots here:

If you just want to come watch ticket to the shows purchased at the door or here online:

Comics looking to purchase a video copy of their sets can do so here:

Thank you very much.

We look forward to seeing you soon!